How To Be A Good Listener [Easily]

How to be a good listener

How to be a good listener

Almost everyone find it difficult to pay attention when having a conversation. That’s why the question how to be a good listener comes up.  Especially when the conversation seems boring. Coping with such is highly needed if we want to retain our friendship or love relationship with anyone. I mean the relationship tends to suffer if you don’t know how to be a good listener to your friend or loved one. All relationships isn’t one sided, both parties (person) needs to participate in the sharing of thought, finance and many more. The basic part of each party participating is from discussion. That’s where you both rub minds, share thoughts, gist and lots more. It quite sickens when one of the party (person) isn’t paying attention to what he or she is saying and on the other hand it’s difficult to pay attention to a discussion with different factors disturbing you around.

It’s gets worse when the discussion topic is a boring one. What a bad case for both of you right?In this case both people suffer because one of them (the one talking) will feel he or she is not loved in the relationship whereas you will find his or her discussion topic like a bill that bores you or get distracted easily by other factors around when in the conversation (factors like : Your Mobile Phone, Environment, etc.) If such problem keeps occurring frequently, then that friendship or relationship will eventually break up due to lack of understanding from both parties (You and the Person).

Nevertheless I have great news for you as that is the main reason why you are here. To find solutions to your problems of listening. So I’ll be giving you eleven awesome secrets that will make you a good listener.

How to be a good listener

How to be a good listener

Be Physically And Emotionally Present

This is the basic and first key to become a good listener. When you are about to begin a conversation, empty your mind. Clear away all your problems or whatsoever you were thinking and be fully focus on what the person has to say. This is the most powerful secret of all because whatever you focus on, you’ll definitely pay attention. After doing this, we now move on to the second step.

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Have A Open Mind

When you begin a conversation with someone (friend, lover or anyone), learn how to have a open mind. Open up your mind to what the person has to say. Prepare your brain to be in a good condition to listen to the conversation and not just listen to it. There is a difference between listening and just hearing.

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Be Responsive

Yeah, this is also a very important secret on how to be a good listener. This is something you should always say yes to when having a conversation. Always respond to the conversation. Do not allow the person to be the the only one talking. Of course you want to be a good listener but participating in the conversation is a great sign that tells the person you are listening.

How to be a good listener

How to be a good listener

Be Subsided

This is another thing to take note of. Do not always show your point of view. In better words, do not show that the person’s point of view is bad even if it is. Learn how to be submissive in the conversation. Understand his or her point of view and play along. If you start showing that his or her point of view doesn’t suit you, then I’m afraid such conversation won’t end well. So be on the safer side.

Be inquisitive

Being inquisitive is something I recommend everyone to have if you want to observe a good relationship. Learn how to ask questions more frequently when having a conversation. It makes the conversation lively. It makes the person you are discussing with know that you are truly listening to him or her. But do not make it too much else it might not end well. Let there be space between times to ask questions.

Do not Condemn their Opinion(s): Your primary goal is to be a good listener and have a successful conversation right? Then do not try to condemn their opinion(s). Doing such does no good but only harm. At times the person talking might get pissed off. When such happens, automatically the conversation didn’t end well and I’m sure that’s not what you want.

How to be a good listener

How to be a good listener

Pay Attention

Paying attention is very vital in making you a good listener. Paying attention simply means suspending any other things you are doing and focusing on the person you are discussing with. How to be a good listener. That’s what you want to be right? Then pay attention!

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Suspend Other Things

This also refers to paying attention but in a more emphatic way. When having a conversation and trying on how to be a good listener, suspend things like pressing of phones, listening to music, going to the restroom often, paying attention to other people than you do to the person you are discussing with. Say a total no to other things. Focus mainly on your conversation partner. All other things can wait. As at that time, let he or she be your main priority.

Body Language

Learning how to use body language when having a conversation is very essential. Examples of body languages are:

  • Nodding of head in accordance.
  • Laughing when something funny is said.
  • Raising of eye brow when something surprising is said.

Say Encouraging Words

Always say encouraging words especially when the speaker is passing through a hard time. Saying encouraging words make them feel happy regardless of their problems.

Do Not Cut The Speaker off

This is the last and also one of the important things. Do not forget your main objective is how to be a good listener. A good listener does not cut the speaker off. This is a really bad act which spoils all that you have been building so far. Let the speaker end his or her discussion by themselves. Say no to such act.

How to be a good listener

How to be a good listener

I say to you. If you follow the above secrets, you will be one of the best listener ever. Everyone will always run to you for a conversation. They will feel you understand them better than anyone does.

I hope I was able to solve the problem that brought you here which is how to be a good listener.

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