How to be a good dad [Easily and Quickly]

How to be a good dad

How to be a good dad

Being a good or great dad is something every father wants to be. But to be frank, it takes a lot of efforts to be a good dad or know how to be a good dad. Many children do complain that their fathers are too mean or hardly care about them. Do you want to be among such dads? Definitely no, that’s why you are here. Being a good dad requires going the extra mile of knowing what your children require from you. It’s a gradual process, so do not rush it. Just like the way it takes time to build trust, it takes some time to be a good dad to your children.

How to be a good dad

Here are some quality tips on how to be a good dad

Love: This is the number one key. Love is very essential in every relationship exhibited by human beings. Be it family relationship, friendship or any kind of relationship. Love is the key to all. Without love, such relationship can’t last. So learn how to love your children endlessly. Do you know the amazing part?  When you truly love your children, you’ve 70% become a good dad. Love will teach you how to be a good dad by making you do things you wanted from your dad when you were a kid. That’s the power of love.

Support your wife: This is also a very vital tip in becoming a good dad. Many children tend to love their mothers more than their fathers. Don’t feel bad, it’s a natural phenomenon. But the great news is that you can tap into the love your children have for their mother by supporting your wife. Supporting your wife includes assisting her in the following areas:

  • Taking care of the children when she’s not around.
  • Assisting her in the kitchen sometimes.
  • Preparing the meal for the family once in a while.
  • Helping her to discipline the children when they go wrong.
  • Helping her take the children to school sometimes.

By doing the listed things above, you’ll get to spend more time with your children. Spending more time with your children increases the love they have for you which eventually makes you a good dad. Knowing how to be a good dad is getting quite easy right? Let’s move on!

Take after your father’s step: Understand your father to become a better father. When you are able to understand your father, you’ll be more skilled to become a great dad to your children. Now I’m talking about responsible fathers. Permit me to say, if your father wasn’t responsible ( a womanizer, a drunkard and lots more), this tip is not for you. Sometimes consult your father if he’s still alive, he’ll surely advice you on how to be a good dad. Do not forget, he has been a father since you were born, which is quite long before you.

How to be a good dad

Spend valuable time with your children: No matter how busy you are, always create time for your children. This is an attribute of a good dad. I know you might be busy with work, thinking about how to feed the family, means to pay their school fees and lots more. Irrespective of that, create time to be with them often. It’ll greatly build their trust and love for you.

Always share your life experience with your children: This is something that answers the great question how to be a good dad. Sharing your life experience with them helps to improve their mental state. It also bonds you and your children together. They’ll always want to be with you so you can tell them many facts of life. Do not forget, doing such is of great benefits to them in the nearest future.

Feed the children sometimes: This is applicable when they are still young. Sometimes their mother might be busy or not available. Assume the responsibility and feed your children sometimes. While doing this, you are making them to love you more. You’re also playing a great role in their hearts as a good dad. I believe by now, knowing how to become a good dad is becoming more easy and interesting. Keep moving, there are still lots of hidden treasures.

Be harsh as well soft: When your children go wrong, learn how to reprimand them immediately but with love. That’s a great example of being harsh as well soft. Do not tolerate bad behaviours from them. But immediately you correct them, show them love. This will make your children not to be scared of you as well straighten up their behaviours.

Be responsible: If you want to be a good dad, lay great example by showing them how a good dad should act. You can’t expect them to love you if you are a drunkard, womanizer, always beating up your wife and many other bad behaviours. If you are guilty of such, I strongly advise you to stop it immediately because it does not only make you a bad father, it tarnishes the reputation of your family as a whole.

Treat your children the way you wanted to be treated: This is one of the easiest method to know how to be a good dad. If you act this way, you’ll be the best dad ever to your children. Why I say that is because you’ll understand their feelings because you were was a little kid too. All the good things you wanted from your father, give it to them and see how they’ll love you in return.

Never insult your children: Never try this. They’ll hate you if you practice this bad act of insulting your children. It makes them feel detested by you. Put yourself in their shoes when you were young. Would you be happy if your dad always insult you? Definitely no! So please never insult your children.

How to be a good dad

Learn to buy them gifts sometimes: Yeah, this is another effective tip on how to be a good dad. Children love surprises. After work, you can just branch to a supermarket and get them real good stuffs like food or toys. It’ll help boost their love for you.

Learn to apologize when wrong: Yes, you read it right. Learn how to to apologize when wrong. It simply means to love them and shows that you are a responsible father. You’re also laying down a very good example by doing this. Do not forget, your sons are fathers of tomorrow.

How to be a good dad

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