HitNg Scam Or Legit?

HitNg Scam Or Legit?

HitNg Scam or Legit?

HitNg is a website or more like a forum that claims to pay people for some activities done on the site. The first question that should come to your mind is, How do they get money to pay their visitors? If that was your question then that’s very wise of you. Well so far HitNg generates it’s revenue from two ad companies namely Google Adsense and Mgid respectively.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the greatest ad company in the world that pays publishers a percentage of the revenue generated per ads (By advertisers). Revenue from Adsense is generated in two ways, cost per click (that is a certain amount is paid to the publisher when an ad is been clicked upon) and cost per mile (a certain amount of money is given to the publisher per 1,000 people that view the ads)

What is Mgid?

Mgid is another popular ad network that pays publishers the same way Google Adsense does. Cost per click and cost per mile.
So technically, HitNg can’t can’t earn without people visiting the site. That’s why they share some percentage of their earning with their registered users as a compensation. You are the one that keeps HitNg alive. Without members, nobody will view their ads and when nobody views, they earn nothing as well.

How do I Earn from HitNg?

HitNg ways of earning is as follows :
N150 – As Registration Bonus
N15 – Daily login bonus.
N2- For each news you read
N2 – For approved comment (N4)
N20 – For Posting Original Content
N250 – Referral Bonus

How am I sure this is not a scam?

Well HitNg is currently paying and not a scam. This is a screenshot of a payment proof below

HitNg Scam Or Legit?

To register and become a member of HitNg so you can earn, click HERE

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