Download Change By Bone And Ranky (Mp3)

Download Change By Bone And Ranky

Download Change By Bone And Ranky

Ranky CEO of Life Made Unique and Bone both Nigerian and Liberian respectively have teamed up to release a music titled “Change”. A motivational music to help reorientate people and make the world a better place. Download Change By Bone and Ranky mp3


(Verse 1 Bone)

I’ve been planning…Not been gainning
I’ve been planning for winning here
All my life been hustling… from day to night but still I am here
Every day and night man dem hustling for money here
Do it right
Don’t never rest
Some man dem sold their soul to ley devil
Bro please conquer the struggle
God love you forever
Bro pls conquer the struggle

Struggle begins at birth
Me I always call for Christ
And I pray for the rest
There is no shortcut going there
There is no struggle with out rest
No happiness with out Christ

(Chorus Bone)

You may do your thing it may look fresh fresh
When you’re dead you gonna regret gret
Oh God have mercy never knew first first
But since I know I’m gonna do what ever you say(2×)

(Verse 2 Ranky)

Life ain’t easy Niggas
That’s why it makes us have the urge to make money irrespective of means
Depriving others of their own, just to get ours
Which involves selfishness
Change is the total re-branding of you are
Changing for the better is what I’m talking about
Have this change of orientation in your mind
Making the world better starting with you
Change isn’t spoken, it’s practiced
The change begins with you, it begins with me
Let’s stop all this discrimination and tribalism, the racism, let’s end all this
It won’t move us forward
We’ll only keep lagging behind because of all this
We need to change ourselves so the world the world can be better.

(Chrous) x 1 


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